Students share their personal visions and voices through their visual journals. 

Bark for Art

 "Creativity takes courage."
- Henri Matisse

Hello and welcome to the Croatan High School Home page!  As an artist and art educator in my 13th year of teaching art, it is my desire to share my passion for art with others. Hi, I am Catherine Olander, the art teacher at Croatan High School.  The purpose of this website is to be a tool for parents and students as well as other art educators or folks interested in art.  Class expectations and sketchbook assignments can be found here as well as examples of student work.  Please take time to view the student galleries if you have a moment.  The talent and creativity of the art students at Croatan is inspirational!  The students here inspire me to continue to create my own artwork as well!  Check back soon to see new works of art!!

Art for the Heart Show 

Students enjoy working in their Visual Journals!!!
Check out the
Journal Fodder Junkies Blog
for more ideas and how to videos!!! 


Art for the Heart 

 Collaboration Projects

Students Collaborate on the Pier Painting for the Counseling Center 


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