Art 1 – Week 8
Monday – 10.18.10
Warm Up: Self-Portrait Using a Mirror

Draw your self-portrait using a mirror.  Include your hands holding the mirror!

**October: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

**Make sure you tagged your favorite Breast Cancer Awareness Warm Up with a pink tag.

Today’s Focus:  Colored Pencil Self-Portraits

Using a large sheet for a major project, Draw a self-portrait using a mirror and include your hands, similar to artist Elizabeth Layton.  Use colored pencils to add color to your work.

Homework:  Do you have your own personal pencil sharpener yet?

Art 1
Tuesday – 10.19.10

Take time to really look at your eyes, nose, lips and ears in the mirror today when you draw your warm up. 
Make a chart that fills your sketchbook.  You should have 8 boxes (2 columns and 4 rows) In the column on the left write the words, eyes, nose, lips, and ears and in the column on the right draw each of the facial features by looking in the mirror.

Today’s Focus:  Colored Pencil Self-Portraits

Homework:  Do you have your pencil sharpener and poster board yet?

Art 1
Wednesday – 10.20.10
Warm Up: Color Wheel
Design a color wheel and use your colored pencils to mix the colors.
Come up with a theme for your color wheel and place the objects in a circle.  Label the color wheel.
       - Leaves, Butterflies, Flowers, Soccer Balls, ETC…

Today’s Focus: Color Wheels

Homework: Sketchbook Assignment is due tomorrow -

Fill up your page and use full scale value – points will be deducted if it is not complete – full page and shaded.

Art 1
Thursday -10.21.10  - Have sketchbook ready to show me!!
Warm Up:
Color Schemes
Divide your sketchbook page into 8 boxes.  Draw the same image 8 times.  Then use colored pencils to color in each of the images using a different color scheme.  Label each of the boxes with the appropriate color scheme.

Monochromatic-  One color, plus shades and tints of that color
(Exp. Red, Red plus white – pink, red plus black – dark red)
Analogous – Neighbors on the color wheel (Exp.  Red, Red-Orange, Red-Violet)
Complementary – Opposites on the color wheel (Red and Green)
Neutral – Brown, Black, White, Gray
Primary – Red, Blue, Yellow
Secondary – Orange, Green, Violet
Split Complementary – I will tell you about this one later – leave it w/o color for now
Today’s Focus: Finish Color Wheels and Portraits

Art 1
Friday – 10.22.10
Warm Up: Photography

Make a list of AT LEAST 10 good questions you would like to ask a professional photographer. 

If you finish your list, quietly draw several objects at your table until
Ms. Campen is ready for her presentation.  

Today’s Focus:  Photography Presentation by Professional Photographer, Kathy Campen


Art 1 – Week 7
Monday – 10.11.10 – WE CHECK WARM UPS TODAY – HAVE 10???

Warm Up: October: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

·     Today create a work of art that might bring awareness to breast cancer. 

·     Create an idea for a poster or a work of art.

·     Use pink in your artwork today!

·     Use people in your artwork today!

Today’s Focus:  Charcoal Portraits

When you finish your warm up get out your charcoal, paper towel, eraser, and turn on the lights – we will start with the person we left off with Friday.  Have your warm ups out and labeled so that I can come around and check them!  Thanks!!


Art 1
Tuesday – 10.12.10

Warm Up:  Breast Cancer Awareness (Part 2)

Create an actual image that could be posted in the hall creating an awareness for breast cancer.

Today – don’t use the pink ribbon in your artwork.

Today – Use Pink!

Today’s Focus:  Portraits

When you finish your warm up please find several photographs of people in the magazine cabinet and begin drawing them in your sketchbook using your pencil. 

Try to find pictures of people from different angles as well as in black and white and in color.  Right now we are more concerned with just the head/neck/shoulders.


Art 1
Wednesday – 10.13.10
Warm Up:
Breast Cancer Awareness – Part 3 – Get Creative!!!
Create an image that would provoke thought and inspire a change in behavior.

Today:  * Use Pink *Don’t  use the ribbon *Don’t use any sayings or slogans you have already heard before *Create an image that is totally unique and different from anything you have see or done before

Today’s Focus: John Singer Sargent’s Mme. Pierre Gautreau, 1883 and profiles from life!!

    ·      Create 3 shaded and cross haired spots in your notebook.
              (1st one – 6.5x8.5inches) (2nd and 3rd shade the same size as your viewfinder)

·      Get out a plastic picture plane and your 2B and 4B pencils

·      We’ll use one of the shaded areas for Sargent’s profile

·      We’ll use the other two for drawing profiles from life.

Homework: Sketchbook Assignment is due tomorrow - Popcorn or Chips

Full Value Scale - Full Value Scale - Full Value Scale  – Full Value Scale - Full Value Scale - Full Value Scale - Full Value Scale  – Full Value Scale

Bring in several pictures of you!!!

Art 1
Thursday -10.14.10  - Have sketchbook ready to show me!!
Warm Up:  Face Proportions
Draw the diagram of the proportions of the profile
and front view of a face.

Then shade a 6 ½ by 8 ½ rectangle in your sketchbook, as well 2 rectangles that are the same size as your viewfinder. 

Today’s Focus:  Profiles in proportion

Homework: Bring in several pictures of you!!!

Art 1
Friday – 10.15.10
Warm Up: You
Use one of your images of you and draw yourself in your sketchbook.
Make sure your proportions are correct.  If you are transferring it, you may want to double the size in your sketchbook – so if the picture is 4x6 draw it 8x12 in your sketchbook or 1 ½ the size would be 6x9 in your sketchbook.  Use the plastic picture plane to place the cross hair over your photograph.

Today’s Focus:  Drawing Portraits

Homework: If you still have not brought in your images of you, please bring some it!!!

Art 1 – Week 6
Monday – 10.4.10
Warm Up: Value
Use your ebony or HB or B pencils to create a value scale with 10 different values.

Today’s Focus:  Value Still Life


Art 1
Tuesday – 10.5.10
Warm Up:  Thoughts

Take some time 10-15 minutes to fill up 1 page with your thoughts and feelings or what’s on your mind

Today’s Focus:  Work on your still life

Add Value, use the blending tool, and add darks and lights.


Art 1
Wednesday – 10.6.10
Warm Up: Explain Value

In your words explain to someone how to shade or add full scale value to a drawing.
Today’s Focus: Finish our pencil drawings.

Homework: Sketchbook Assignment is due tomorrow.

Art 1
Thursday – 10.7.10
Have sketchbook ready to show me!!
Warm Up: Make it better…

Life is tough some days – what can you do today to make someone else’s day better?

List one or two of your ideas, then draw yourself doing an act of kindness.

Have your homework out!!

Today’s Focus:  Finish our still life drawings

-       Do 2 additive/subtractive drawings

-       Draw your self-portrait using the mirror (in sketchbook)

-       Check to make sure you have 8 warm ups

Homework: Finish your self-portrait.

Art 1
Friday – 10.8.10
Warm Up: Different Act of Kindness

Draw yourself doing a different act of kindness for someone else today!

Have portrait out on table

Also take out your pencil still life and 2 charcoal drawings from this week.  Thanks!

Today’s Focus: Charcoal Portraits

Art 1 – Week 5
Monday - 9.27.10
Have your homework “sighting practice” drawing out to show me!!!

After finishing today’s Journal Warm Up check to make sure you have 10 new warm ups.  LABEL THEM and be ready to show me!!!

Warm Up: Sighting

Pick a new area of the room and create a drawing from floor to ceiling using the sighting method to measure angles and proportions.

Today’s Focus:  Begin a perspective finished drawing.

Homework:  This week’s homework is a page filled with a composition of small toys in full value – include lightest lights and darkest darks.  You might want to place the toys under a light to get highlights and shadows.  You must actually look at the objects for these assignments!!!

Art 1
Tuesday - 9.28.10
Warm Up:
  City Scene

Create a mini city scene using formal one point perspective. Use your ruler for this!!

Today’s Focus:  Perspective Drawings – start adding some value to your drawings!!

Homework:  Work on sketchbook homework.

Art 1
Wednesday - 9.29.10
Warm Up:
2 point perspective

Create a city scene today using formal 2 point perspective.

Today’s Focus:  Perspective Drawings – Finish adding your details to your drawings today!

Homework: Sketchbook Assignment is due tomorrow. 

Art 1
Thursday - 9.30.10
Have sketchbook ready to show me!!
Warm Up:  Still Life

Arrange several of the items at your table to create a mini still life.

Draw the items and add shading.

Today’s Focus:  Charcoal Still Life Drawing



Art 1 – Week 4
Monday - 9.20.10

Announcement:  Clean Up Time: Leave it better than you found it.  Wash out your brushes and palettes.  We don’t leave paint in the palettes or paint brushes.  The paint dries up and becomes like plastic and makes the brushes hard.  If you want to keep painting, keep doing a great job cleaning up!!!

Warm Up: Warm and Cool

Draw a picture that has shadows and highlights.  Color it in using warm colors in the sunny areas and cool colors in the shadows.

Today’s Focus:  Pinwheels and Paintings!

·     Finish getting pinwheels and posters ready for tomorrow!

·     Finish adding the warm and cool colors in the shadows and sunny areas.

·     Begin adding some of the natural or local color back into the painting.

Homework:   Any extra pinwheels would be GREAT!!!!!

Art 1
Tuesday - 9.21.10

Happy International Day of Peace!!!
Warm Up:
  Public Art Installation

·     What message do you hope your pinwheels will give? 

·     What other art installations could you create and what message would you want to portray? 

·     Draw a sketch for an idea for a public art installation of your own and describe the message in words.

Today’s Focus:  Plant our Pinwheels!!!  Work on our paintings!


Art 1
Wednesday - 9.23.10 – Early Release
Warm Up:

·     What do you know about perspective or drawing items in 3D?

·     Try to draw several boxes in 3D and/or in 1 or 2 point perspective.

Today’s Focus:  Paintings.

Homework: Sketchbook Assignment is due tomorrow

Art 1
Thursday - 9.23.10
Have sketchbook ready to show me!!
Warm Up: Perspective Name
(Is this journal/warm up #8? – be ready to have 10 on Monday!)

Try to write your name in one-point perspective.


Today’s Focus: 

Art 1
Friday - 9.24.10
Warm Up:  Use the plastic sheet to draw a corner of the room in perspective.

Today’s Focus:  Perspective Drawings

Homework: Practice sighting - one or two point perspective - Choose one

Draw a corner or a room, kitchen, etc.

Draw a hallway

Outside sidewalk


 Art 1 – Week 3
Monday - 9.13.10

·       Check to make sure you have 9 Warm Ups plus the one from today.

·       If you need to turn in your hands – put them on the table near the window.

·       2nd Period (Have your 3 hand drawings ready to be checked)

Warm Up: Positive/Negative Space - Chairs

·     Divide your paper into 4 sections. 

·     Choose one chair to do 4 drawings of the negative space.

·     Shade the positive space of 2 of your drawings and the negative space of 2 of your drawings.

Today’s Focus:  Choose 3 of your drawings to complete a finished drawing.  3 Chair drawings in 3 different boxes – (+-+) or (-+-)

Homework:  Find some images of chairs that you like and bring them in.

Art 1
Tuesday - 9.14.10
Warm Up:
  Symmetrical Drawing

·     Divide your paper in half.

·     Draw the negative space of one chair in one of the boxes and shade the negative space.

·     In the box beside your drawing, draw the reverse image of your chair and then shade in the positive space of the reverse image.

Today’s Focus:  Symmetrical Spaces and Complementary Colors.


Homework:  Find some images of chairs that you like and bring them in.

We will be using these tomorrow!!

Art 1
Wednesday - 9.15.10
Warm Up:

·      Draw a chair that represents you and your personality.

·      Use the entire page.

·      Why did you draw the chair the way you did to represent you?

·      What qualities about your personality did you represent in your chair?

Today’s Focus:  Planning our Personality Chair Painting.

Homework: Sketchbook Assignment is due tomorrow.

Art 1
Thursday - 9.16.10
Have sketchbook ready to show me!!
Warm Up: Color Wheel

·     Draw a color wheel.

·     What are the primary, secondary, tertiary colors?

·     What primary colors do you mix to get green, orange, purple, brown, yellow-green, red-orange?

 Today’s Focus:  Begin working on our chair paintings.

Art 1
Friday - 9.17.10
Warm Up:
A friend or family chair

·     Draw a chair that represents a friend or family member you know.

·     What about that chair represents them?  Describe their personality and characteristics.

Today’s Focus:  Work on our paintings.

Weeks 1 and 2 

9.10.10 - Warm Up: Chairs

·      Illustrate the page “Goldilocks and the Three Chairs” in the children’s book Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

·      Include the text with your illustration! 

Today’s Focus:  Positive and Negative Space – Chairs

If you finish: 

Art 1 - Thursday
Please have your homework sketchbook assignment out.
9.9.10 - Warm Up: Positive and Negative

·      Create and List of things you associate with the words Positive and Negative. 

·      Then draw at least 2 images that represent Positive and Negative.


Today’s Focus:  Positive and Negative Space

We will begin drawing the negative spaces of a chair.

Art 1 – Wednesday
9.8.10 - Warm Up: You

·      Write about what makes you unique. 

·      Then draw an image that reflects you and your personality in some way. 

Today’s Focus:  Line and Value –

·      Today we will draw your hand holding the object that is reflective of your of your personality.

·      Use the same technique of drawing with the transparency and then transferring it over to your sketchbook.

If you finish: 

We will transfer one of the hands over to a larger format to create a finished drawing.


Art 1 – Tuesday 9.7.10

·        Please have homework sketchbook assignment out - Letter with contour images of objects beginning with the first letter of your name.

·        If you have your $5 please have that out as well.  Thanks!!

9.7.10 - Warm Up: Value Scales

·       Use a full page (and a ruler if you need) to create 4 value scales with 10 different values. 

·       0 is the absolute darkest and 10 is the lightest. 

·       You may use your HB or B or H pencils and a black marker for stippling

4 Scales
Blending or Shading
- (use blending stump or fingers)
Hatching – Parallel lines (vertical, diagonal or horizontal)
Cross Hatching – Parallel and Perpendicular lines
Stippling or Pointillism – small dots (you may use a black marker to gently, gently tap the paper – you don’t want to break the tip of the marker – you shouldn’t be able to hear the taps! Thanks!



Today’s Focus:  Line and Value –

We will use the transparent sheets to draw your hand holding a shell. 

Then transfer the image using charcoal and add shading!


If you finish:  Begin the drawing of your hand holding something that is reflective of you or your personality.  Begin with the transparent sheet with the crosshairs and then transfer your image over to your sketchbook with charcoal.

Art 1 - Wednesday

9.1.10 - Warm Up: Value

What types of things have value to you?  Write about them and why they have value.  Then draw an illustration to go with your writing.


Today’s Focus:  View finders, charcoal, contour lines, and adding value.


If you finish:  Try another drawing!  Let’s try to do 2 or 3 finished drawings today!

8.31.10 - Warm Up: Song

Yesterday some of you said that music lifted your spirits.  What are some of your favorite songs?  Write about the song and the lyrics and why you like it.  Then draw an illustration to go with your favorite song. 


Today’s Focus:  Complete Hands and add letters


If you finish:  Take time to work on your 1st homework sketchbook assignment.



8.30.10 - Warm Up:

What things tend to lift your spirits?

Do these things have more to do with other people or with solitary pursuits?

Draw an illustration to go with your writing.



Student Handbook:   Food/Drink is NOT permitted in the hallways or classrooms.

Also – do not chew gum in the art room.  I asked not to see it and I am seeing it – so here is your warning – if I see you chewing gum, the 1st infraction will be lunch detention. 
School right now is part of your job and it does not look professional to chew gum.  Let’s be professional.  Thanks!

Please add this to your list of rules on your green sheet: 

No food/drink/gum in the art room.

Warm Up: 8.27.2010 - Hands
What do someone’s hands say about them?
What do your hands say about you?

Draw someone’s or your hands and describe the person.

Today’s Focus:

Blind Contour Line Drawing – Hands



·       3 Contour Line Drawings
       - One blind contour
       - One modified blind contour drawing
       - One contour line drawing
(LABEL YOUR HOMEWORK – Include name, date, class, and assignment)


·       Finish your name in sign language using the regular contour drawing technique.

Art 1

Please label each journal entry with the date!  Each entry should be at least 2 paragraphs.


Journal Warm Up:

The things I already know about art are…

The things I don’t know about art are…

Then draw one thing that you already know how to draw.

Today’s Focus:

Right Brain/Left Brain Shift

·    Vase/Faces 

o Positive and Negative Space

·    Upside-down Drawings

Homework in sketchbook:

Finish your  Upside-down drawings on your own. 


Day 1

Welcome to Art!!!

Please quietly fill out the blue info sheet.


We will begin 3 drawings today.

Take your time and add details

-       and remember to do your best! 

-       Make sure to include your name and the date and class. (Art I or Art III)


·     Draw someone from memory.

·     Draw your hand in some appropriate form.

·     Draw a self-portrait using (sharing) a mirror.

After you complete each drawing, write several paragraphs about the experience of drawing each item on the back of the sheet.  Please remember to write your name and date on each drawing!

Classwork/Homework if you don’t finish:

On a separate sheet when you finish your drawings and journaling please answer the following questions writing at least a paragraph for each:

-       What is art?

-       Why is art important?

-       What projects have you done in art before that you loved?

-       What projects have you done that you didn’t enjoy so much?

-       What projects have you seen other students do that you thought you might like to try?

-       What do you really want to learn about in art this year?

-       Write your goals for art:

-       Then draw a picture of your favorite thing to draw!

Turn this in today (August 25) or tomorrow (August 26) in the homework bin. Thanks!!


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