Art 1


Due Date

Drawing from Life:
Object or Inspiration

Visual Journal Focus:

Challenge or
Major Art Project

First 6 Weeks




January 27 (Mon)


Who am I?

Your Choice 

February 3 (Mon)

Snow Day

Snow Day

Snow Day

February 10 (Mon)

 Hand - Line Drawing

3 Contour Drawings
and Washable Marker 

Sign Language Hands 

February 18 (Tues)

 Hand - Value Drawing
3 Value Drawings (2 in Class Notes)

 Contrast, Positive/Negative Space, Words and Texture

 1 12x18 Value Drawing: Hand

February 24 (Mon)

Draw a Chair the Represents You
Drawing From LIFE!! 

100 Questions? 

Positive/Negative Space Chairs 

March 3 (Mon)

 Vans Shoe or Your Shoe

4 Mini Mind Maps: Art, Music, Local Flavor, and Action Sports 

 Fantasy City

Second 6 Weeks

March 10 (Mon)

 Sighting Drawing: Corner of a Room or Down the Hall 

  2 Vans Shoe Designs: Art and Music

 Art Room - Add Value, Texture and Other Creative Details 

March 17 (Mon)

 Under the Sink

Local Flavor and Action Sport Shoe Designs 

Still Life 

March 24 (Mon)

Dishes in the Sink 

 4 New Vans Shoe Designs

Still Life 2:
Charcoal or Watercolor 

March 31 (Mon)

Profile Portrait of a
Friend or Family Member 

Our Happiness Project
3 Layers 

Profile Portrait:
Charcoal or Graphite 

April 7 (Mon)




April 14 (Mon)




Third 6 Weeks




April 28 (Mon)




May 5 (Mon)




May 12 (Mon)




May 19 (Mon)




May 27 (Tues)

Final Self-Portraits & Completed Sketchbooks

Completed Journals

Final Portfolios



Art Show Date: __________________________   Art Show Time(s): _____________________
Gallery Sit/Art Show Set Up/Art Show Clean Up    Time & Date  ________________________  


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