Art 1 –

Warm Up: #41 – Mme. Gautreau

1.      Try drawing John Singer Sargent’s portrait of Mme. Pierre Gautreau, 1883


Today’s Focus:  Profile People from the Magazine

Warm Up + plus 3 more

Homework: This week: ___________________





Art 1 –

Warm Up: #42 - Magazine Profiles

1.      Find a picture or several pictures of people from their profile.

2.      Draw the people from the profile view!

Today’s Focus:  Profile People from the Magazine

Warm Up + plus 3 more

Homework: This week: ___________________





Art 1 –

Warm Up: #43 – Profiles from Life

1.      Draw your neighbor from a  profile (side view).

2.      Then let them draw you.

3.      Take turns sitting for and drawing the people from your table.

Today’s Focus:  Profile People from your table.

Warm up + plus 3 more from real life!!!

Homework: This week: ___________________



Art 1
Warm Up: #44 – Words and Images

1.      Draw the silhouette of the profile of a person.

2.      Draw images on the inside of the person.

3.      Write words/text/sentences/statements/a story in an interesting way on the outside of the profile silhouette.

Today’s Focus: 

·    Finish your Profile Magazine Portraits (3)

·    Finish your Profile Portraits from Life (3)

·    Begin 2 Color - Profile Portraits from Life- Add shading and color to a 4th or 5th profile drawing from life.

·    If you finish 5 from life – you may work in your Vis J or on this week’s homework

Art 1
Warm Up: #45 – 30-Word Poem

1.      Choose a page from a newspaper or magazine.

2.      Cut out 30 random words.

3.      Arrange the words to make a poem.

4.      React to your poem by adding images, color or other words.

Today’s Focus:  Finish all Profile and Front View Portraits

Create a new Work Poem in Visual Journal




Art 1

Warm Up: #46 – Full View Portrait

1.      Choose a picture of a face from the front from a magazine

2.      Draw the person, checking your proportions using the Full View Diagram Sheet.

3.      Add Value

Today’s Focus:  

·    Finish ALL Profile Pictures

·    Use magazine pictures to begin your
3 Full View Portraits (Portraits from the Front)

Homework:  This week:_______________


Art 1

Warm Up: #47 – Perfect Proportions

1.      Draw the Portrait Front View Diagram.

2.      Then draw 3 people at your table from the Full/Front View.

3.      Use the diagram and proportion sheet to measure and make the face proportions correct!

Today’s Focus:

Work on the 3 Front View Portraits from Life.

Finish Profile Pics and enjoy Vis J time when you’re done!!



Art 1 –

Warm Up: #48 – Cartoon Characters

1.      Write a story for a little cartoon or comic strip.

2.      Illustrate pictures (including cartoon characters) to go with your story!

3.      Have fun and be creative!!

4.      Add color to your cartoon or comic.

Today’s Focus:  

Finish your Profile and Front View Portraits

Choose one Portrait to draw bigger!!



Art 1 –

Warm Up: #49 – 5 Minutes Stream of Consciousness

1.      When the bell rings be ready to write for 5 quiet uninterrupted minutes. 

2.      If you can’t think of what to write, write…I can’t think of what to write, until you can. 

3.      When you are done paint or add color to the page.

Today’s Focus:  Choose one Portrait to draw bigger!!





Art 1 –

Warm Up: #50 – Elements of Art

Line, Shape, Space, Texture, Value, Color, Form

Choose 2 elements of art and create a design.


Today’s Focus:  Work on Portraits

If you finish work in your Vis J





Art 1 –

Warm Up: #51 – Mirror Portrait Practice

Draw your self-portrait facing front and include the mirror and your hand in your drawing.

Today’s Focus:  Large Drawing – Take your time and do your best job – we’ll draw your Self-Portrait including the Mirror, Your Hand and other details today and tomorrow and add the colored pencil later.

Homework:  This week is _____________________________




Art 1 –

Warm Up: #52 – Colored Pencils

1.      Create a design of your choice using the elements of shape, line and value.

2.      Add color using colored pencils.

Today’s Focus:  Work on Self Portrait







Art 1 –

Warm Up: #53 – Principles of Design - Variety and Unity

1.      Choose an object to draw –

2.      Draw the same item 6 times, but in different ways each time to add variety.

3.      Example: (don’t use this one) I chose sunglasses as my one object – When I draw 6 different sunglasses I’ll have some that are different shapes or different colors to add variety.  Now you try:


Today’s Focus:  Begin adding colored pencil to self-portrait



Art 1 –

Warm Up: #54 – Word of the Day: GOAL

Use words and images in your warm up today to illustrate and create a design using the word “goal” as your inspiration.

The actual word goal does not have to be in your warm up – just use that word as your inspiration to add other words and pictures.

Today’s Focus:  Add color to self-portrait

(If you are finished – Vis J)



Art 1 – 4.11.11
Warm Up: #55 – Variety of Shapes and Materials

1.          Fill up your page with overlapping shapes of varying sizes and directions (you can choose the same shape or different ones)

2.       Color in some of the spaces using colored pencils, washable markers and crayons.

3.       Then use watercolor to fill in the rest of your shapes and even overlap some of your colors with the paint!

4.       Have fun and be creative – if you finish your portrait today, try using this fun overlapping technique in your visual journal – you could even add words as well!

Today’s Focus:  Finish working on your self-portraits if you have not already finished. 
If you are done, you may work in your visual journal.


Art 1

Warm Up: #56 – Tints and Shades

1.      Draw an object or a person.

2.      We will color them in today using a monochromatic color scheme.

(Please write this in your notes!!)
Monochromatic – A color scheme using one color with shades and tints of that same color

3.      So – choose one color and shades and tints of that same color  - to color in your picture!

Today’s Focus:  Color Wheels

Begin adding tempera paint to your color wheels!


Art 1 –Warm Up: #57 – Mixing Colors and flavors!

1.           Mix up some paint using red, blue and yellow and black and white.

2.           Paint several circles of different colors in your warm up. (At least 6 circles of different colors)

3.           Draw cones (or triangles) on the bottom of the circles and turn your circles into ice cream cones.

4.           Label the flavors you created!!


Today’s Focus:  Color Wheels – you may only use red, yellow, and blue (no secondary colors!!!)



Art 1 –   Warm Up: #58 – Order and Chaos

Journal Fodder Junkies - Life can come fast at times creating a lot of action, turmoil, upheaval, and chaos. The to-do list gets long, and there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. For some people, the day is scheduled, compartmentalized, and structured. For others, the day is spontaneous, freeform, and perhaps tumbled together.

How do you deal with order and chaos in your life? Are you structured or spontaneous? Are you balanced somewhere in between the extremes? How do you react when things do not go according to plan? How does it feel when things go just as planned?

Reflect on your tolerance for chaos and your threshold for order, and create a response that echoes the role that each plays in your life. Do you make order out of chaos or chaos from order?

Today’s Focus:  Color Wheels –
Vis J Time – Create a page based on one or more of the following: Order and Chaos, Random Words, or Operative Words.


Art 1 - Warm Up: #59 Stepping Stones

We have all grown, evolved, and changed. At times the movement of our lives has changed direction because of the choices we have made, and at other times it has changed because the choices that others have made. These are what psychologist Ira Progoff calls Steppingstones in his Intensive Journal Workshop.

What have been your steppingstones – those significant moments of your life? What have been the moments when significant change or growth has occurred? What have these shifts meant for you and the direction of your life?

Create a reflection on the stepping stones in your life.

Today’s Focus:  Finish Color Wheels, Create a visual journal page using stepping stones as your theme

Begin Talking about Color Schemes

Homework:  This week:


Art 1 –Warm Up: #60 – Deserving of Paint

1.          Think of an important person or a person who has made a difference in your life. Maybe someone often forgotten.

2.          Draw a picture of them – the best you can without looking at them –

3.          And then use watercolor paint to bring them out of the shadows and into the light!

4.          If you can, tell them how much you appreciate them today.

Today’s Focus:  Color Schemes
(Mary Whyte Video – Sunday Morning Website)





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