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Intermediate Art


Due Date

Drawing from Life:
Object or Inspiration

Visual Journal Focus:

Challenge or
Major Art Project

First 6 Weeks




February 5 (Mon)

Pre Drawings
Hand & Self-Portrait

Upside Down Drawings
Overcoming a Challenge

Self-Portrait Objects
for Still Life

February 12 (Mon)

Notebook Check:
Labels, Pockets & Warm Ups

Who Am I?
Visual Journal

Charcoal Still Life Mounted with Critique

February 19 (Mon)

 Still Life Sketches

 Spaces and Places

Charcoal Still Life Drawing 

February 26 (Mon)

Plant Studies

 Printmaking Research 
Shapes and Watercolor

Linoleum Printmaking:
Tulips, Bamboo, or Succulent 

March 5 (Mon)

 Glue Drawing

Wet on Wet Watercolor 

Acrylic Paint
Color Mixing Chart 

Second 6 Weeks




March 12 (Mon)

 Value Studies on B&W Photos


Acrylic Portrait Paintings 

March 19 (Mon)




March 26 (Mon)




Spring Break




April 9 (Mon)




April 16 (Mon)




Third 6 Weeks




April 23 (Mon)




April 30 (Mon)




May 7 (Mon)




May 14 (Mon)




May 21 (Tues)

“After” Hand & Self-Portrait Drawings

Completed Journals

Final Project & Portfolios

Art Exam





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