CHS ART II Syllabus

Instructor: Mrs. Olander                        Room:414

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Art II will build on the student’s technical skills and foundation of knowledge developed in Art I.  In ART II we will focus on the elements of art and principles of design as well as color theory, vocabulary and art history will continue in a less teacher-directed situation.  Various art processes, procedures and theories are presented in a problem-solving manner which allows for independent choices and personal solutions to problems.  The approach to art experiences is less experimental and based more on informed choices. Student research of art and artists is a major source for gaining knowledge and understanding of past and present art forms.  A great flexible and fluent use of the elements of art and principles of design, color, theory, and vocabulary is stressed in Art II.

Grading, Policies and Evaluations

  • MAJOR GRADES-50%   Projects

  • MINOR GRADES-50% Daily Participation, Class work, Homework, Sketchbooks, & Quizzes.

  • PARTICIPATION: In order to get the entire daily participation grade, full participation and appropriate behavior is required from the moment the tardy bell rings until the end of class

  • Gallery Visit and Extra Credit: Complete at least two gallery visits during the semester. You can do 1 additional gallery visit for extra credit - limit one per six weeks. The form you fill out can be found on my webpage on the CHS website.

  • DUE DATES: for in-class assignments- I will give a deadline for the last day to work on a project in class. The official due date will be set for a few days later to complete the work outside of class time (before/after school or during lunch).

  • All work (including homework and sketchbook assignments) is due at the beginning of the class period ON the day it is due.

  • If you are working on homework, in class during the day it is due, points will be deducted from your assignment.

  • LATE WORK: There is NO LATE WORK at Croatan High School.

  • All work should be turned in on the day it is due. Any work that is turned in late will not receive credit.  If students need extra time to work on a project they need to see me to schedule time in the classroom before or after school or during lunch. The student is encouraged to work diligently during the time he or she is given. If it takes them more time, they should take this time before the end of the assignment.

  • Labeling Work: Points will be deducted from assignments because of failure to include the following information on assignments. In order to get full credit for assignments the following must be included legibly on the back of your work:

                Your first and last name

                      (Sign the work on the bottom right corner on the front of the work & Include full name on the back)

                Date the assignment is turned in


                Class Period


               (When required – self-assessment check list and comments)




Policies, Procedures & Guidelines of the classroom:

·         Be Prompt:  Be in your seat working on your daily warm-up journal when the bell rings. 

·         Be Prepared: Have your materials, art and sketchbooks with you every day. Take care of business before you get to class. You will not be able to leave the room unless it is an emergency.

·         Be Productive: Stay on task. Be a good listener. DO NOT WORK ON OUTSIDE CLASSWORK DURING ART.

·         Be Polite: Respect everyone and everything in the art room. Respect your fellow classmates and your teacher. This includes respect of personal space, property (artwork, supplies, etc), and not talking while someone else is addressing the class.

·         Be Positive:  Have a positive attitude and an open mind.

·         Follow the Directions the First Time they are Given.

·         LEAVE THINGS BETTER THAN YOU FOUND THEM. Be Responsible: Keep the art room and your working environment clean at all times. Throw away your trash in the trash cans, please. Leave things better than you found them.  Wipe up your tables, clean your palettes and paint brushes.  If you get something out, put it up.  Check the floors and sweep up any scraps left behind. Help your neighbors clean up when you are done.

·         Follow all CHS and Carteret County Rules.

o    Food/Drink is NOT permitted in the hallways or classrooms. Only clear water bottles with bottle caps are acceptable.

o    Abide by the CHS dress code.

o    Cell phones and ipods/mp3 players are NOT allowed. Put them away and turned off while in the room.

·         Dismissal: Please remain in your seat until the bell rings. You should be doing something… clean your table, area, share artwork with a neighbor, help someone clean up, work on a drawing, etc. You may not sit there and do nothing. Seniors or students with passes must have their pass with them and have a clean area and projects and homework turned in, in order to leave early.  Leaving early is a privilege not a right.

·         Make sure you are using your time wisely!

·         Always be ready to learn at all times!! DO NOT work on other curriculum.  There is no such thing as “finished early”. There is always room for improvement.


□Art Box or Bag                       □2 pieces of poster board       □1 box of 12 color pencils

□4  HB or #2 pencils                 □1 metal pencil sharpener       □1 box of 8 classic markers     

□ Scissors                                  □1  eraser                                  □1 black vis-à-vis marker

□2 extra fine sharpies                □1   1.25oz. Elmer’s Glue         □3 black extra fine Uniball or sharpie pens

□1 fine point sharpie                □2-4 glue sticks                          □Roll of Clear Packing Tape for image transfers                    

□2 spiral Sketchbooks no lines (approximately 9”x12”)           

   1 Sketchbook will be for daily warm-ups and class notes. 

   1 Sketchbook will be used for homework sketches and your visual journal

(If you do not have access to a sketchbook – you may punch holes into plain white paper and put it in a 3-ring binder.


Supply Fee $5.00.  The supply fee covers most of our papers, paints, brushes, tools and materials not on your art supply list. It is a onetime fee. A check can be made out to CHS.


These supplies and fees are due by the 5th day of art. Thank you.


Sketchbook #1:  Daily Warm Ups and Class Work, Sketches and Notes:

We will check warm ups every 10 days.  Make sure you label your warm ups with the number and date of the warm up. Do 2 warm ups per page, drawing a horizontal line to divide the middle, and use the fronts and backs of pages. (Occasionally we will use an entire page).

Labeling your Sketchbook #1: Cover – Daily Warm Ups and Class Work
Page 1: Your Name and Information
Pages 2-35: Warm Ups
Pages 36-70: Class Work, Class Sketches, and Notes


Sketchbook #2: Homework Sketchbook and Visual Journal

Labeling your Sketchbook/Journal #2: Cover – Homework Sketchbook and Visual Journal

·         Page 1 Your Name and Information (TAPE THIS PAGE IN THE INSIDE COVER OF YOUR SKETCHBOOK!!!)

·         Pages 2-5 Beginning of Semester Drawings: Hand, Portrait Using a Mirror, Drawing from Memory, Your Choice (Use 1 page for each drawing. Include a paragraph on the back of each drawing that includes your thoughts on each drawing. If you are doing these on separate paper, make sure you tape or glue them in later!!)

·         Pages 6-30 Homework Sketchbook Assignments (Listed Below and Due every Thursday)

·         Pages 31-35 End of Semester Drawings

·         Pages 36-70 VISUAL JOURNALING!!!!


Homework Sketchbooks:

Every Thursday a sketchbook assignment is due. Most of these assignments are drawings. These are to be done from DIRECT OBSERVATION, outside of class.  You are NOT allowed to draw from photos or from the internet. It must be a real object in front of you. Do not draw close ups! Include the entire object. This teaches you to rely on your own judgment and expertise, as well as, practicing being able to create a 2D drawing of a 3D object, and making it look 3D.  These assignments are vital to your growth and development throughout the semester.

Sketchbook Calendar:



First 6 weeks:  This will be homework. Use a #2 pencil or marker or pen or some type of drawing tools for the 1st six weeks. Draw with an emphasis on line or value. Show as much detail and accuracy as you are able to observe. Remember this is from DIRECT OBSERVATION.  Draw largely filling the page. Never use a ruler. Draw the entire object or theme so that you fill the page. All assignments must be in your sketchbook, not on a loose leaf piece of paper, but you may tape/staple one inside to turn it in if necessary. Use a FULL page! USE YOUR CREATIVITY – take each theme or idea beyond a good drawing.


January 26 – Complete a drawing from life - Draw something of your choice.

February 2 – Complete a drawing from life – Emphasis on Hands

February 9 - Complete a drawing from life – Emphasis on Feet


February 16 - Complete a drawing from life – Emphasis on Shoes

February 23 – Complete a drawing from life - Emphasis on Hair

March 1 - Complete a drawing from life – Emphasis on Hats

Second six weeks
: This will be homework. NO LONGER OUTLINING – use at least 5 values. Use the entire page! And BE CREATIVE!!!! Begin using tools other than pencil, pen, or marker.  Get Creative!!!

March 8 - Complete a drawing from life – Emphasis on People and Faces

March 15 – Complete a drawing from life – Emphasis on People and the Figure

March 22 – Complete a drawing from life – Emphasis on People and Action


March 29 – Complete a drawing from life – Emphasis on a Crowd

April 5 - Complete a drawing from life – Emphasis on Clouds

April 19 – Complete a drawing from life - Emphasis on Trees


Third six weeks: Draw a full illustration including a background location for where the action is taking place. Be accurate! DRAW FROM DIRECT OBSERVATION. You must still use the entire page (going off four sides). Remember to follow the rules of composition and to use the elements & principles. Get Creative!!


April 26 - Complete a drawing from life – Emphasis on Architecture

May 3 – Complete a drawing from life – Parts and the Whole

May 10 – Complete a drawing from life – And then there were none

May 17 – Complete a drawing from life – It started like this…

May 24 – Complete a drawing from life - My View

May 31 - Complete a drawing from life – Choose a Theme of your Choice
June 7 - Complete a drawing from life – Choose a Theme of your Choice

Visual Journal Homework (Pages 36-70)

This will be homework and (you may work on these in class IF you are finished with our projects.)



First 6 weeks:  

February 2 – Lines and Grids

February 9 – Patterns and Texture


February 16 – A record year for snowfall

February 23 – Time

March 1 – My point of view

Second six weeks

March 8 – Words

March 15 – Pop Up Page

March 22 – Pen & Ink

March 29 – Watercolor

April 5 – Image Transfer

April 19 – Unconventional Material/Medium


Third six weeks:


April 26 – Poetry or Quote Inspiration

May 3 - Music Inspiration

May 10 – Nature Inspiration


May 17 – Artist Inspiration

May 24 – Your Choice

May 31 – Your Choice

June 7 – Your Choice








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