Art 2 –

Warm Up: #61 What do you Value?

1.      Draw something of value to you.

2.      The shade it in using at least 5 values.

3.      When you are done, find several Black and White photos.

Today’s Focus:  Mike Rooney Value video and value paintings on a Black and White Photo.


Art 2 –

Warm Up: #62 – Monochromatic Values

1.          Draw an object – your shoe, a chair, or your choice.

2.          Use 1 color and light values and dark values of the same color to color it in!

Today’s Focus:  Mike Rooney value video; Paint B&W picture; Find landscape for painting.

Pick your B&W Photo, You need a brush, water, paper towel and your palette with 1 color (green, purple, turquoise, or blue) and white. 
Then mix your 5 values.

Homework: This week…

Art 2 –

Warm Up: #63 – Warms and Cools

1.      Draw several geometric forms with shadows.

2.      Color the sides of the forms that are in light in warm colors.

3.      Color the shaded sides and shadows in cool colors.

4.      Then find a couple color photographs that have good lights and darks, (shadows and highlights)

Today’s Focus:  Painting values in color.

Mike Rooney Value Video Clip 2.

Homework: Due Tomorrow 

Art 2 –Warm Up: #64 – May is Melanoma Awareness Month

1.      What do you know about melanoma?

2.      We will watch a YouTube clip on it.

3.      Design a poster that we could hang up here at school and/or around our town to make others aware of this cancer and what they can do to prevent it.

Today’s Focus:  Finish any value paintings you need to finish, Create a Melanoma Awareness Poster to hang up around school.


Art 2 –

Warm Up: #65 – Color or Black&White Photo Painting

1.      Grab a magazine picture with dark and light values

2.      Put 1 color and white in your palette and mix your values

3.      Paint over the photo – darkest darks, lightest lights, 2nd darkest darks, 2nd lightest lights, middle values

Today’s Focus:  Mike Rooney Video Clip Three,  Painting a Palm!!
Color/Value Study


Art 2
Warm Up: #66 – Landscape Painting

1.          Find a landscape photograph with highlights and shadows

2.          Paint the 5 values with 1 color on top of the photo

Today’s Focus: Cape Cod Painting

3.          Draw out the composition from your warm up in your notes section.

4.          We will mix 5 values with colors. The value areas in the shadows will be cool colors and the value areas in the sun will be warm colors.



Art 2 – Warm Up: #67 Team Work

1.      Today you will create 2 warm ups – You will work with a partner and you will create one warm up in your own journal and you will help your neighbor create one warm up in theirs.

2.      Have fun, work together, get creative!!!

3.      The sky is the limit; you choose your media and inspiration.

Today’s Focus:  Finish all of your value paintings

Altered pages in your visual journal – Today (if you’re done) we will fold pages to create a cool effect in your journal!

Art 2 –
Warm Up: #68 Finding Balance and Sparking Flames

Balance is a principle of design.  It means that objects have an equal weight – they do not necessarily have to be the same thing but equal out with the weight of shapes or value. 

Think about creating balance in your life, through your activities, relationships and time.  Create a journal page using shapes, value and color to create balance.

Today’s Focus:  Finish Paintings, Posters, Landscape Photo; Journal Time – Create a Visual Journal Page with the Inspiration: Finding Balance and Sparking Flames

Art 2 –

Warm Up: #69

1.      Choose one of the photographs if you do not have one. (We can make a copy of your pic)

2.      Paint on top of your photo – 5 Values and one color.

3.      In your notes section do a quick sketch and add the warm color values in sunny areas.

4.      Add cool color values in the shaded areas.

Today’s Focus:  Gesso your board or paint it with white paint and then begin sketching out your composition.


Art 2 –

Warm Up: #70 Illustration Day

Use images and/or words to create an Illustration using “Safari” as your inspiration!!  Have fun!!

Today’s Focus:  Painting warm and cool values on your landscape in the notes section

Getting your “canvas board” ready!!


Art 2 –

Warm Up: #71 Elements and Principles of Art

1.      Use the sheet of elements or art and principles of design as your inspiration for your warm up today.

2.      Pick several elements of art and combine them with a principle of design.

3.      For example – The elements of shape and color combined with repetition – I could create a pattern of repeating warm color circles.  Now you try!! 

Today’s Focus:  Use the principles of design in your Visual Journal Today – The principles of design help artists organize their artwork.  You have already used balance – today let your principle focus be pattern and rhythm.

Art 2 –

Warm Up: #72 Your Choice – What’s on your mind?

Spend a couple minutes in your warm up writing, adding doodles or images of what’s on your mind.  Write about what you would like to write about or draw what you would like to draw about.  Then let’s work on your paintings today – get your boards primed and get ready to paint – if the board it wet – work in your visual journal until it’s ready to paint.

Today’s Focus:  Work on painting – paint in the values and warm and cool colors today.



Art 2 –Warm Up: #73 Why do you create art?

1.       Spend just a couple of minutes writing about why you create art and what you favorite media is, and what your favorite subject is.

2.       Then use your thoughts to create a little artist statement.

3.       Draw a small doodle to go with your statement about you and art.

Today’s Focus:  Paint! Paint! Paint!

Paint your values in and then your warm and cool colors on the board.  DON’T add any of the “real” colors today!



Art 2 –Warm Up: #74 Free Write

1. Take 5-10 minutes to Free Write

2.Then drawing or paint something over your words

Today’s Focus:  Paint!!

Once you have added the warms and cools, begin adding some of the more “local” or natural color – making sure to leave some of the under paint showing through – you are not painting a wall – you are creating a work of art!!


Art 2 –Warm Up: #75 Your Choice

1.      Draw, paint, create something of your choice!!

2.      Only rule – NO RULES!!

3.      Have Fun!!!!!!!!

Today’s Focus:  Work on Paintings!! If you finish one, you may start another one!!



Art 2 –Warm Up: #76 – What’s on your mind?

Use ONLY IMAGES and DOODLES today to express what’s on your mind. 

5-10 minutes – GO!!!

Today’s Focus:  Paintings, Create another painting,

Vis J Time

Homework: This week:


Art 2 –Warm Up: #77 – CHANGE

Everything changes. It’s a natural law that objects, people; situations are impermanent and are always in a state of flux and change. At times, change is lightning quick and takes place in a flash. Other times, change is continental drift slow and seems to not be happening at all.

How do you react to change in your life? How have you changed over the course of your life? Do you anticipate change and actively participate in the changing world and your changing self? Or do you deny change and passively ride along as things change around you? How open or closed are you to change?

Reflect on the role of change in your life and how you react to it.


Today’s Focus:  Finish Paintings;

A journal Page on CHANGE

Homework:  This week: 


Art 2 - Warm Up: #78: Organized and Disorganized

Contemporary life is hectic, and keeping up with chores, the responsibilities of school and work, the emails, Facebook, the text messages, and the phone calls can quickly bury you under a pile of to-dos and must-dos. Take time to reflect on the organization of your life. Think about everything from your mundane, daily routines to you big, special hopes and dreams.

How do you get things done? In what ways do you keep yourself organized (or even disorganized) physically, socially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? What routines and rituals do you use in your daily life to make certain that everything that needs to get done does get done? How do you tackle your daily tasks and plan for those rare and special occasions? When do you throw your plans out the window, and when do you stick steadfast to them?

Reflect on one specific aspect or think about it all in general terms.

Today’s Focus: Finish Paintings and work in Visual Journals!!!

Art 2 - Warm Up: #79 – I AM….

Who are you?
This seems like a very easy and straight-forward question, but when was the last time that you really tried to articulate an answer. You may have thought that you figured that out a long time ago, or perhaps you feel like you are still figuring it out. What better way to start this Challenge. No matter what type of art you make it is always a reflection of you. The journal is no different. Take some time to ponder and journal about all the aspects of your “self,” and create a response that introduces you to the world.

Who are you? What is important to you? Where do you come from? How does your inner identity compare to your outer identity? Do you have a hidden identity? If you are not who you want to be, what is stopping you?

Today’s Focus:  Paintings and Visual Journals



Warm Up: #80 – Illustrating Words

1.      Use the quote below in your warm up.

2.      Create images to go with it –

3.      You may create your warm up in your visual journal if you would like!

“I shut my eyes in order to see.” – Paul Gauguin

Today’s Focus:  Clean, Organize, Round up your work, Journal Time, Try a new media or technique.



Art 2 –Warm Up: #81 -

Today’s Focus:  



Art 2 –

Warm Up: #82 -

Today’s Focus:  




Art 2 –  

Warm Up: #83 -  

Today’s Focus:  




Art 2 -
Warm Up: #84-


Today’s Focus:   




Art 2 -

Warm Up: #85-


Today’s Focus:  




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