Honors Art 3


Due Date

Sketchbook or
Drawing from Life

Visual Journal or Altered Book

Challenge or
Major Art Project

First 6 Weeks




September 2 (Tues)

Hand and Self-Portrait

Inspiration from the
101 Ideas List 

Your Objective Choice
and Portfolio  

September 8 (Mon)

 Extra Credit - Self-Portrait

Layers of You 

Fingerprint Self-Portrait 

September 15 (Mon)

 Extra Credit - Line Drawing of Hand

 Mapped out Journey

Fingerprint - Zoom in! 

September 22 (Mon)

 Extra Credit - Drawing of a Gift

 Connections Quilt


September 29 (Mon)

 Time - Continuous Line Drawing

Stylized Elements:
Air, Water, Fire, Earth 

The Elements of Nature:
Air, Water, Fire, Earth 

October 6 (Mon)




Second 6 Weeks




October 14 (Tues)




October 20 (Mon)




October 27  (Mon)




November 3  (Mon)




November 10 (Mon)




November 17 (Mon)




Third 6 Weeks




November 24  (Mon)




December 1  (Mon)




December 8  (Mon)




December 15 (Mon)








January 5 (Mon)

Completed Sketchbooks

Completed Journals

Final Portfolios


Art Show Date: ____________________________   Art Show Time: ______________________ 


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