E-Portfolios – Websites

Introduction Page and Introduction Statement

1. Include your first name and last initial

2. Be brief. Two or three paragraphs of no more than three sentences each is a good length for an introductory statement.

3. Briefly explain the purpose of your e-portfolio (to show colleges, friends, school, etc..)

4. Provide any information about you and your hobbies and interests in art

5. Include an image of you

6. Include a quote from a famous artist or author.

Artist Statement

       To write your artist statement, use the following guidelines:

1.  A description of your art work

2. Discuss size, media and themes in your work

3. Discuss why the subject matter in your work is important to you.

4. Tell why you create your art and what it means to you.

5. Appeal to the emotions. Convey feeling about your art.

6. Discuss the goals you have for your art work.

7. Discuss any artistic influences you have for creating your work.

8. Try not to categorize your work or compare yourself to others.

9. Keep this 1 page and single-spaced.

Visual Art Portfolio

1. All images (10-15 of your major works from this semester) with reflections on website.

2. Add captions to all your images.

3. You may want to separate images into categories or separate pages later (sketchbook/journal entries, painting, drawing, etc.)

Reflections of Art and Artifacts

1. Decide on the artwork.  The artifact should demonstrate evidence of learning or growth.

2. Clearly describe the artwork: What is it? Describe the size, media, title, subject, etc.

3. Clearly describe when and where it was produced or created.

4. Clearly explain the experience of creating the work.

5. Clearly describe what you learned from creating the work- knowledge, skills, awareness, a new technique, something about yourself?

6. As a result of creating the work, list one new goal you have for yourself in your artwork.

Overall Design and Elements

1. Choose a font and color design to use throughout the entire e-portfolio.

2. Place images and text in a visually appealing format.

3. Include at least 3 quotes from famous artists or authors throughout the portfolio





Introduction Page and Statement

Missing Component

Missing a few components

Introduces you, purpose, image and quote

Artist Statement

Missing elements or very unclear

Missing several of the components or descriptions.

Clearly written and includes all descriptions and goals. 

Visual Art and Artifacts -  Your Images

Not clear or appropriately sized; few to no images in portfolio. Artifacts and art are unrelated, does not include required amount of art works

Some images are not clear or sized appropriately, less than 5 images.  Artifacts and art are related and organized and connect to reflections; some required art is included

Clear, appropriately sized images, images and text relate well, include 5 or more images. Art and artifacts are clearly related to each page of the portfolio; All required art is included

Reflections on Art

All reflections are not included, does not follow guidelines, reflections are not connected to art or artifacts, and/or are not written clearly

Some reflections are not included, does not follow guidelines, not connected to art or artifacts and/or not written clearly

All Reflections are included, followed guidelines; connections are made to art and artifacts, clearly written.

Overall Design

Not visually appealing; ineffective use of color, font and placement of image

Overall good design; some improvements could be made with color, font and placement of images

Visually appealing; effective use of color and font and placement of images



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