Grading, Policies & Evaluations

  • GENERAL GRADES-60%  Homework, Journals, Warm-Ups, Exercises, Classwork and Critiques

  • MAJOR GRADES-40%   Projects, Portfolios, and E-Portfolio Assignments

      -  Label all artwork with your first and last name. 
      -  Complete a self-assessment for each major project. This should be taped or written on the  
         back of each assignment.
    In order to receive full credit for assignments, they must be correct & complete on time.
    When you share, email or turn in work through your Chromebook and Google Docs please
    label it with your ClassPeriod.CourseName.LastName.FirstName.AssignmentName
         (Example: 1.Beginning.Olander.Catherine.PlanforArt)

       - Share and Email your assignments to

  • DUE DATES:  
      - All work (including homework and sketchbook assignments) is due at the beginning of the
         class period ON the day it is due.
      -  If you are working on artwork, in class during the day it is due, points will be deducted from
         your assignment.

  • LATE WORK:  ALL High School courses are RIGOROUS environments & LATE WORK is not acceptable  
      -  All work should be turned in on the day it is due.
      -  Any work that is turned in late will not receive full credit. 
      -  If you repeatedly have zeros from late work you will receive a call home and will go to ALC

Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

  • Be Prompt: 
    Please get all of your supplies from the drawer be in your seat working before the bell rings.

  • Be Prepared:
    Please have your materials, art and sketchbooks with you every day.
    Take care of business before you get to class and please do not ask me if you can go to the bathroom before class as I do not know how much time you need. 
    You will receive 6 passes for the semester.  If you need to use the restroom during class, you may ask to go after the first 20 minutes of class instruction and before the last 20 minutes of clean up.
    If you leave the room for any reason please sign out in the sign out notebook.

    Stay on task and a good listener and use your time wisely
    In art there is always room for improvement!

  • Be Polite:
    Respect everyone (fellow classmates and your teacher) and everything in the art room.
    This includes respect of personal space, property (artwork, supplies, etc), and not talking while someone else is addressing the class.

  • Be Positive: 

Please have a positive attitude and an open mind.

  • Be Responsible:

Keep the art room and your working environment clean.
Wipe up your tables, clean your palettes and paint brushes with soap and water.
If you get something out, put it up. 
Check the floors and sweep up any scraps left behind.

Help your neighbors clean up when you are done. Thank you!

  • Be Responsible:
    If you are absent it is up to you to check with other students and the teacher to see what you have missed. Turn in your work on time and keep your materials and art drawer as organized as possible.
    Full participation and appropriate behavior is required from the moment the tardy bell rings until the end of class when the bell rings.   Thank you!

ART SUPPLIES These supplies and fees are due by the 5th day of art. Thanks! J

  • Supply Fee $10.00. A check can be made out to CHS.

  • 2 Spiral Sketchbooks – No Lines
         -1 Sketchbook for homework drawings, visual journal and class notes (9”x12”)
         -1 Sketchbook for daily warm-ups or visual journal smaller if you would prefer (5x8 or 7x10)

  • 1 Book to Alter (You will use this more as an option in Art - not a requirement)

  • A Pencil Box or Bag that will fit in our art drawer or your locker

  • A small personal mirror for self-portraits

  • 1-2  erasers                            

  • 1-2 vis-à-vis or expo type markers

  • Several clear sheet protectors

  • 1 metal pencil sharpener

  • 4 Ultra fine point sharpies                 

  • 4 Fine Point sharpies

  • 2-4 Black sharpie pens       

  • Personal pair of Scissors

  • 2 glue sticks                            

  • Several HB or #2 pencils (not mechanical)

  • Tape - Packing Tape is an option for Visual Journal and Scotch Tape

  • Variety of color pencils or markers for Visual Journaling at home      

  • Look around - You may already have these items or similar ones you could use!!
    You may want to include any other art supplies you enjoy using or your own paint, brushes, palette or watercolor of your own… up to you!


Email: (A good contact during school)
School Phone: 252-393-7022
Website:  login:chs  password:art  remind: A way to remind students and parents through text or the free remind app.  Please text or enter the corresponding class code in the remind app to help stay up to date and receive reminders!!
Text or Enter:
Beginning Art
To receive messages via text, text @1artchs to 81010.
Intermediate Art To receive messages via text, text @2artchs to 81010.                                             
Honors Art
To receive messages via text, text @honartchs to 81010.   
National Art Honor Society
To receive messages, text @honartchs to 81010.


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