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Beginning Art

Due Date

Drawing from Life:
Object or Inspiration

Visual Journal Focus:

Challenge or
Major Art Project

First 6 Weeks




February 5 (Mon)

“Before” Hand & Self-Portrait Drawings

Student Questionnaire
Upside Down Igor

Overcoming a Challenge Drawing

February 12 (Mon)

Notebook Check:

Labels, Pockets & Warm Ups

Who Am I?
Visual Journal

Sign Language Hands
with Critique Sheet

February 19 (Mon)

Negative Space 
Ratio Drawings 1:1 1:2 1:4 

 Spaces and Places

 Shell/Army Negative Space - Mounted with Art Label

February 26 (Mon)

 Chair Negative Space Drawings


Printmaking Chair or Flowers - Signed and Matted 

March 5 (Mon)

 Value Scales

 Color Pencil

Nonobjective Ebony Pencil Drawing - Matted 

Second 6 Weeks




March 12 (Mon)


 Kindness Visual Journal

 Portrait Drawing - Ebony Pencil

March 19 (Mon)




March 26 (Mon)




Spring Break




April 9 (Mon)




April 16 (Mon)




Third 6 Weeks




April 23 (Mon)




April 30 (Mon)




May 7 (Mon)




May 14 (Mon)




May 21 (Tues)

“After” Hand & Self-Portrait Drawings

Completed Journals

Final Project & Portfolios

 Exam Week





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